Climate Hawks of 2021

2021 Endorsements

What do we consider before we endorse a candidate?

First and foremost:¬†a candidate’s actions¬†(repeating the phrase ‚ÄúGreen New Deal‚ÄĚ in a stump speech¬†doesn’t count).¬†Have they helped¬†organize¬†a youth climate march? Do¬†they¬†have experience in¬†renewable energy? Are¬†they working at the state or local level to pass¬†climate-friendly¬†bills and looking to level up?

In primaries, we won’t endorse without a survey out to local climate hawks that demonstrates grassroots consensus on a candidate’s climate action credentials.

We also look at viability, although we will back long-shots when we find a compelling reason to do so. We do not endorse mediocre Democrats, no matter how vehemently a Republican opponent may deny climate science. We only endorse when we are convinced that the candidate will commit to strong climate action.

And our endorsements pay¬†off.¬†In 2018,¬†we won¬†75 percent of the¬†primaries¬†where¬†we endorsed ‚Äď a better track record than any of the larger groups¬†whose endorsement records were compiled by FiveThirtyEight.

In 2020, we endorsed in¬†six¬†races each in¬†the¬†House and Senate, and our candidates won¬†five¬†in each chamber ‚Äď a win record of 87 percent.

Climate Hawks Vote does not accept contributions from fossil fuel corporations, executives, or lobbyists. We are a federal Super PAC, which means that we are an independent expenditure committee. We do network with others to look out for climate hawks who can think globally and lead locally.

New Mexico's 1st Congressional District

Melanie Stansbury

Melanie Stansbury is a science educator and water scientist with the experience to fight for New Mexico's future.

Melanie Stansbury

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Phoenix City Council District 7

Yassamin Ansari

Yassamin Ansari is a young climate hawk who has the background and know-how to fight for meaningful climate action in a city that’s on the front lines of the crisis.

Yassamin Ansari

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U.S. Senate - Georgia

Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff promises to put science back into decision making

U.S. Senate - Georgia

Rev. Raphael Warnock

Rev. Raphael Warnock sees climate through the perspectives of stewardship and environmental justice

Rev. Raphael Warnock

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