Illinois’ 6th Congressional District

Sean Casten

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Sean Casten is a scientist and entrepreneur who made his name in the cleantech industry. He understands, probably better than anyone else in Congress, the magnitude of the climate crisis. And now he’s rising to the moment we face: disingenuous demands to drill by the fossil fuel industry, as a bad faith response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In Congress, Sean has developed a reputation for smart, thoughtful work on climate. He’s a member of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. He's introduced several key climate bills in Congress, and gotten big parts of them passed as part of the 2021 Infrastructure bill. He's even appeared on Steven Colbert’s Late show explaining climate and energy policy.

We very rarely endorse incumbents, but redistricting has drawn Sean into a primary with a fellow Democrat. And when we surveyed Climate Hawks in the new Sixth District, over 75 percent of respondents told us to back Sean.

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