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Remember Paris? Congress didn’t.

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Remember the Paris climate agreement? You’re going to include it on your Top 10 list of climate achievements, but did Congress notice? Climate Hawks Vote has done a short report tallying which members of Congress praise, despise, and – mostly – ignore the ambitious global agreement. We found a surprising degree of apathy from Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; near-complete silence from Republicans, and one criticism from the left by – you guessed it – Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, Marco Rubio calls the Paris agreement an unfunny joke, and Ted Cruz thinks it’s nutty.

RL Miller, cofounder of Climate Hawks Vote, states: “The Paris agreement is likely to be ranked by future historians as one of the signature accomplishments of the Obama presidency. The silence of over half the Congressional Democrats is puzzling; the opposition of a handful of extremist Republicans is, sadly, typical.”

Read the report on the web:

About Climate Hawks Vote: We’re a grassroots-funded organization building political power for the climate movement. Hatched in 2014, we endorsed 17 candidates and won 11 of those races. We hold politicians accountable through a sophisticated scorecard tracking not only votes, but also leadership and public engagement on climate. Our board of directors includes Bill McKibben and Jigar Shah.

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