Tell Congress to Ban Utilities and Monopoly Corporations from Making Political Contributions

Across the United States, utility companies and monopoly corporations are wielding their immense wealth and influence to buy political favors instead of focusing on improving services for their customers. These utility companies pour millions of dollars into campaigns and lobbying efforts, effectively pressuring legislators to prioritize corporate profits over the needs of the people they serve.

This blatant conflict of interest undermines the very foundation of our democracy. When corporations can buy political influence, the voices of everyday people are drowned out. We cannot allow our government to be beholden to the interests of a powerful few at the expense of the many.

It is time for Congress to take decisive action to address this crisis. We need strong, enforceable legislation that will ban utilities, monopoly corporations, and corporations seeking government contracts from making political contributions.

The consequences of inaction are dire. Communities are already suffering from the poor service and environmental practices of unaccountable utility companies. Families are forced to endure frequent power outages, pay exorbitant rates, and bear the brunt of the environmental damage caused by these corporations.

We must call upon our elected officials to put the needs of their constituents first and stand up to the corrupting influence of corporate money in our political system.

Add your name to tell Congress to support legislation banning political contributions from utilities, monopoly corporations, and corporations seeking government contracts now.

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