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On Saturday, June 29, the Democratic National Committee’s executive committee agreed to consider two resolutions re climate debates at the meeting of the full DNC in August.  The first resolution calls for “either a DNC Sponsored Climate Crises Debate for Presidential Candidates, or, in the alternative, allow Presidential Candidates to participate in such a debate sponsored by another organization, without penalty.” The second substitute resolution preferred by DNC chair Tom Perez would “reaffirm DNC’s commitment to ensuring climate change is a central issue in the 2020 Primary Process, insisting media partners dedicate appropriate time to climate issues, encouraging Presidential candidates to participate in climate and other issue forums, and call on partner organizations to organize such forums and invite all candidates to attend and speak thereat.”

In response, RL Miller, political director of Climate Hawks Vote, stated: “We’re glad to see that the entire DNC will vote on a resolution for a full fledged climate debate in August. The second alternative is unacceptable, especially after the disgraceful treatment of climate at the first two debates June 26-27 in Miami.”

“The American people are hungry for climate solutions — and that can be accomplished by a meaningful debate on the range of responses,” adds Miller. “Climate has risen to the top of voters’ concerns in recent polls, but most average folk don’t know the costs of inaction and the real differences among the carbon pricing proposals, the Green New Deal, and more. And the best way to explain the differences is with a debate — not a forum. So we’re going to organize for the DNC to pass a resolution for a full debate.”

Climate Hawks Vote was among the groups that delivered over 200,000 signatures on a petition to the DNC on Wednesday, June 12. Miller attended the first night of the Miami debates.

The DNC will meet August 22-24 in San Francisco.


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