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Statement Opposing Trump’s Deportation Order

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We are appalled at Donald Trump’s plan to criminalize, round up, and deport most if not all of the 11 million immigrants residing in the United States without formal documentation. Sadly, this disregard for humanity is what we’ve come to expect from this vicious, malicious White House.

We’re speaking out as climate hawks because we know that the global fossil-fuel industry and the climate pollution they create uproots people from their homelands. We see clearly the hand of Exxon in the world’s wars, famines, and floods. We see clearly the shadow of the Koch brothers in the world’s oppressive dictatorships, failed states, and collapsing economies. Immigrants and refugees are coming to the United States in the hope of a better life for themselves and their children.

As the greatest beneficiaries in the world of the burning of fossil fuels, we the American people have a special responsibility to those in the human family that have suffered the most from the global costs of that system.

Engraved on the Statue of Liberty are Emma Lazarus’s profound words that our nation is a beacon of hope for the tired and poor, the homeless and tempest-tossed. As we are now fueling the storms that bring the world to our shores, we must recommit as never before to that vision of America.

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