Bipartisanship isn't a meaningful climate solution. Vote Republicans out.

Statement on California Republican losing post over cap and trade vote

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Climate Hawks Vote’s statement on California Assembly Republicans’ decision to remove Chad Mayes as leader of their caucus in revenge for his voting for AB 398, the cap and trade bill:

“Once again, elected Republican legislators have shown that they can’t abide heresy – in this case, acknowledgement that climate change is real and requires real solutions. Mayes, in organizing Republican votes for AB 398, showed more political courage than any member of the federal Climate Solutions Caucus… and lost his position as Assembly Minority Leader. This vote only reinforces our belief that there’s no reasoning with Republicans on climate solutions. The only real solution is to vote them out,” said RL Miller.

Miller is chair of the California Democratic Party’s environmental caucus as well as the president of Climate Hawks Vote, a PAC building political power for the climate movement (but not by electing Republicans).

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