New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, that is.

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Today, Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, and a coalition of climate activists delivered over 13,000 signatures to the office of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on a petition thanking the Mayor for his leadership on climate activism.

The text of the thank you card reads: “To Mayor Bill de Blasio and the climate activists of New York City: Thank you for your historic lawsuit and divestment from the carbon polluters ravaging our planet.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s acts could be the beginning of the end of New York City’s role as the financial center of the global fossil fuel industry. His leadership deserves a big THANK YOU from climate hawks everywhere.” — Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote

“Five years ago, New York City was devastated by Superstorm Sandy. We commend Mayor DeBlasio for taking real steps to hold the companies responsible for climate destruction accountable, and leading the nation to cut off the financial lifeblood of the fossil fuel industry through divestment and litigation. The City’s actions are a model for bold climate action to political leaders and investors around the world at a time when the fossil fuel industry continues to put our planet on a path of climate destruction.” — Denise Patel, US Pension Divestment Coordinator,

“Mayor DeBlasio’s steps to divest New York City from the fossil fuel industry set the pace for aspiring climate leaders across the country. Governor Cuomo should take note and expand the concept of polluter accountability, by implementing a statewide fee on corporate polluters. Reinvesting the revenue in renewable energy, transit expansion, and support for workers and climate-vulnerable communities will help keep New Yorkers safe and bring hundreds of thousands of new jobs to our state.” — Daniela Lapidous, Coalition Organizer, NY Renews

“By directing New York City to divest, Mayor DeBlasio underscores just who is responsible for the climate crisis – the wealthy executives of the fossil fuel industry. This decision is another step in breaking the grip of billionaires on our political system and prioritizing the health and safety of New Yorkers.”
— Matthew Miles Goodrich, Sunrise NYC Political Director,

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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