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California Commits to 100 Percent Clean Energy

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The California Legislature has just passed SB 100, Kevin de Leon’s bill requiring California to get 100 percent of its electricity from clean sources by 2045. On Tuesday, August 28, the California Assembly passed the bill. Just now the state Senate voted on concurrence, 24 to 12, and will now go to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

“A bill this big requires a big coalition: environmentalists, faith leaders, cleantech business, students, retirees, activists, moms, and more all came together to make this happen,” says RL Miller, president of Climate Hawks Vote. “And now the world’s fifth largest economy has achieved a groundbreaking, historic victory.  Beyond its impact on California, SB 100 offers a true framework for other states and nations to follow.”

“I certainly hope that Governor Brown signs the bill without playing politics,” Miller adds, referring to recent indications that Brown may hold off on signing SB 100 unless the legislature passes his controversial plan for grid regionalization. “100 percent clean energy is a goal too important to be used as a hostage for a flawed, heavily criticized plan to regionalize California’s electric grid.”


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