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The notoriously pro-coal state of Kentucky is at a crossroads even if its leaders aren’t campaigning on it…yet. While Republicans cling to coal, a clean energy revolution is happening in the state with at least three electric vehicle factories breaking ground this year and next, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. A few Democrats are campaigning on clean energy, notably the potential for reusing brownfields for solar energy. A few more in eastern Kentucky are connecting the dots between devastating floods and climate change. We expect more climate hawks to emerge with the growth of clean energy jobs.

In the meantime, vote for Charles Booker.

Voting rules and registration:

Kentucky only offers absentee ballots by mail to voters who will be unable to vote in person. All other voters are expected to vote in person, but they do allow early voting in-person starting on November 1. Click here for more information on voting early or absentee. Voter registration for the general election closed on October 11

Voting rules and regulations from the State Board of Elections – remember your polling place or district may have changed this year!


Read this first. c/i/o = challenger, incumbent, or open seat. Pro-climate is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports climate action and the transition to clean energy. Pro-democracy is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports voting rights, access to voting, opposes gerrymandering, or even just has voter registration tools on their website. NFFM = did they sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge?

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