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How we won 10 key races in 2018

Our highlight of 2018 was eviscerating the power of the climate peacocks — Republican members of the “Climate Solutions Caucus.” 

We made a total of 18 endorsements: two “merit badge” endorsements of safe incumbent Senators; eight primary endorsements, of which we won six; nine general election endorsements in addition to the six candidates who won their primaries; and one endorsement in a runoff. We ended up winning 10 races, losing seven, and (shruggie emoji) in one race marred by election fraud.

Overall, Climate Hawks Vote raised over $47,500 in small-dollar direct donations given to our candidates, spent an additional $61,000 on independent expenditures, achieved national prominence, and spent hundreds of hours of staff time on our diverse, fierce, progressive slate of candidates.

Meet the Climate Hawks Vote class of 2018.


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