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A pipeline built on lies

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By signing off on construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, Trumpā€™s State Department has declared war on the security of the United States and the planet on behalf of foreign and corporate interests. Ā Climate hawks fought one White House over the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. We won, by telling the truth about the climate chaos the pipelines will unleash.


Keystone XL has always been built on lies – the lie that it wouldnā€™t spill, the lie that thereā€™d be more than a handful of permanent jobs, the big lie that it could be built without harming a liveable climate. Donald Trump is letting TransCanada build the pipeline with foreign steel – after promising his supporters heā€™d force them to build it out of American steel.


Trumpā€™s going to learn the same lesson President Obama didā€”the American people have more power than polluters. Our elected officials, the courts, and civil servants canā€™t fight Trump and Big Oil alone. They need to have the power of the peopleā€”the overwhelming majority of Americans who want the climate crisis to be addressed, not acceleratedā€”made present and real. Ā Over 4,000 of our members have signed a pledge of resistance so far. Weā€™ll be ready for the next round of lies.

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