Novel concept: Read the IPCC reports. Then get to work on real solutions.

Dave Trott: Studying Climate Science is a Solution

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Dave Trott is now the newest member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, and he meets all the criteria for joining:

— represents a swingy district (he’s retiring and his seat is rated a toss-up)

— vocally questions climate science and wants to keep studying it rather than take any action

— voted against solutions such as President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (voted YES on S.J.Res. 24, a resolution of disapproval)

— has a pulse.

“Dave Trott says he wants to study the science — that’s not a solution, since the science has been studied to death by people a lot smarter than Dave Trott. The Climate Solutions Caucus has no solutions (we don’t count the one floated by caucus member Matt Gaetz to terminate the EPA). The caucus has put forth no bills and no substantive policy proposals. Its only purpose seems to be providing political cover to climate peacocks — vulnerable Republicans who claim to care about climate until they vote to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Once again, we call on the caucus to disband,” says RL Miller, cofounder of Climate Hawks Vote.

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