Send a Letter to the Editor on Why You're Prioritizing the Climate When Voting

Thanks for sending a letter to the editor to your hometown paper encouraging your neighbors to prioritize the climate when voting.

To find out the submission guidelines and procedures for a paper near you, use this handy guide from Organizing for Action.

Specific points to potentially make, putting them in your own words:

  • It’s great that Scott Pruitt resigned as EPA Administrator.   While the press was focused on his ethical shortcomings, the real scandal has been Trump, Pruitt, and Congress working together to roll back the safeguards we rely upon to protect clean water, clean air, and a stable climate.
  • I’m especially alarmed about what’s happening with the climate.  With summers unbearable already in many parts of the country, what will life be like in 10, 30, or 50 years if global warming continues to accelerate because we failed to act?
  • It will almost certainly mean stronger hurricanes, longer and more intense droughts, more intense forest fires, and more days when you just can’t stand to be outside.  These may sound like abstract problems until they happen to you and you lose your home, your livelihood, or even your life, as more than 30 residents of Montreal did in the recent heat wave.
  • That’s why when I cast my votes this year, I’m looking first and foremost for candidates who take climate change seriously and are backing bold efforts to go 100% renewable.  (Insert the name of a specific candidate you’re backing if you have one you want to promote!). 
  • I’m also looking to see if candidates have taken the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge ( to show whose side they’re on.

If you successfully place your letter to the editor and find the online link to it, please email to let us know.

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