Spread the word via letters to the editor on car emissions

Thanks for sending a letter to the editor to your hometown paper spreading the word about the Trump-Pruitt assault on our health and climate from rolling back auto emissions standards.

To find out the submission guidelines and procedures for a paper near you, use this handy guide from Organizing for Action.

General guidance:  keep the letter short and make one major point, not several.  Make your case based on the evidence.

Specific points to make in every state:

  • The Trump-Pruitt plan to roll back auto emission standards would double the amount of car pollution expected nationwide by 2025 compared to current safeguards.¬† There is a direct connection between air pollution from cars and people getting sick.
  • The Trump-Pruitt plan is all about making the oil industry happy.¬† While cars would become slightly less expensive to initially buy, consumers would pay billions more in the long-run since we’d be buying significantly more gas.
  • Voters need to elect candidates who’ll be on their side when it comes to clean air and the climate.¬† We need members of Congress who’ll stand up to Trump and fight for our kids and their future.

If you live in California, Connecticut,¬†Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maine,¬†Maryland,¬†Massachusetts,¬†New Jersey,¬†New Mexico¬†(2011 model year or later),¬†New York,¬†Oregon,¬†Pennsylvania,¬†Rhode Island,¬†Vermont, or¬†ashington, then you currently are living under California’s standards.

Specific point (in addition to the ones above) to make in states covered by California’s standards.

  • It’s outrageous that Trump-Pruitt will be forcing YOUR STATE NAME and more than a dozen other states to throw out our more protective clean air standards for cars and live by the dirtier Federal standard, even as they’re making the Federal standard less protective of our health.

If you successfully place your letter to the editor and find the online link to it, please email to let us know.

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