AZ Senate

Ruben Gallego

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Ruben Gallego is a decorated war veteran in a state that respects veterans. He’s a Latino in a state where the Latino vote matters. He’s an outspoken progressive Democrat with a fighting spirit. He was one of the first sitting members of Congress to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge. Climate Hawks Vote endorsed him in his first Congressional run in 2014. In short, he’s a tremendous upgrade over Krysten Sinema. More than 80% of Arizona climate hawks voted to endorse him right away when surveyed.

Arizona climate hawks know that this will be an extremely difficult race, whether Krysten Sinema runs and siphons off a handful of Democratic-leaning votes or whether it’s a two-person race. Either way, Ruben will likely face one of the fringe Republicans dominating the Arizona political landscape – Kari Lake, Blake Masters, or worse. He needs all of us.

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