Colorado's Sixth District

Morgan Carroll

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Elect climate hawk Morgan Carroll to Colorado's Sixth District and kick the Kochs out of Colorado.

We’re delighted to endorse Morgan Carroll in Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, challenging the climate-denying, Koch-backed incumbent Mike Coffman. Morgan is a climate hawk and a 5th generation Coloradan.

While the carbon-billionaire Koch brothers and their lackeys slash jobs and destroy the environment, Morgan creates jobs that save the climate. In the Colorado State Senate, she wrote the bill that brought solar leasing to Colorado. Because of Morgan’s work, Sunrun, Sungevity, and Solar City all opened up shop – and created jobs – in Colorado. She’s fighting frackers, too. She ran tough bills through the state Senate, and she’s pledge to continue to stand against her state’s fracking frenzy.

Her race, in the eastern Denver suburbs, is one of the most competitive in the country — President Obama beat Mitt Romney by one point in 2012.

The Kochs are so worried that they’re spending six figures to attack Morgan, through their Americans For Prosperity PAC. Colorado’s Sixth District is the only House district, so far, where the Kochs are openly backing a House incumbent.

Speaking of the House… most pundits have considered the Republican advantage in the House to be too big to overcome. But the Trump fiasco means all bets are off. We think Democrats can take back the House – and we want to put climate hawks in those flippable House seats.

Update: Carroll lost, 51.2% to 43%.

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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