New Hampshire

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The Granite state has a lot going on this midterm election – competitive (more competitive than they should be) races for the US Senate and Governor are attracting the most attention.

And they are really important: To the climate and democracy where, for example, Maggie Hassan’s MAGA challenger is an election denier, a climate denier, and worse. But also for a woman’s right to choose, where incumbent GOP Governor Sununu proposed New Hampshire’s first abortion ban last year. And New Hampshire faces a transplanted, astro-turf MAGA libertarian movement that’s trying to dismantle public education (basic science is essential to fighting climate change, people!), what little social safety net exists, and more.

All of which to say – your vote is very important in New Hampshire this year, up and down the ballot and especially for those obscure Executive Council offices.

We could never hope to keep track of the MORE THAN 400 elected officials and races in New Hampshire, so we’re deeply indebted to local partners like 350 NH Action and Rights and Democracy, who helped us sort through the long lists and get accurate info on who’s a climate hawk, and who’s just a peacock in hawk’s clothing.

Voting rules and registration

If you meet the state’s requirements and qualifications and are unable to register in person because of physical disability, religious beliefs, military service, or because of temporary absence, you may vote mail. Click here for more information on voting absentee or by mail. Early voting, in-person, is also available in most towns, but hours and location vary. Click here for more information on voting early or locating your polling place.

Same Day voter Registration: You can register or update your registration anytime before Nov 8. You can also register and vote on Election Day. Click here for more information on registering or updating your voter registration.

Voting rules and regulations from the Secretary of State – remember your polling place or district may have changed this year!


Read this first. c/i/o = challenger, incumbent, or open seat. Pro-climate is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports climate action and the transition to clean energy. Pro-democracy is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports voting rights, access to voting, opposes gerrymandering, or even just has voter registration tools on their website. NFFM = did they sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge?


As noted, 350NH Action, Rights and Democracy NH, and other local groups also endorse based on candidates climate and environmental stances. Check out these additional recommendations and links for more info.

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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