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Every Montana politician promises to stand up for public lands, clean air, and clean water. It’s in the state constitution! We looked for candidates willing to speak out on climate change, wildfires, floods, and a just transition to renewable energy, and found a few: 3 in the state senate, 15 in the state house. Monica Tranel in the new MT-01 (Western Montana) seat is excellent, as is John Repke running for Public Service Commissioner in District 5. Although Montana’s Republican-led legislature passed significant voting restrictions in 2021 (struck down by a judge in September 2022), Montana candidates seem fairly blase about voting rights.

Voting rules and how to vote:

Early voting opens on October 11 and ends the day before the election, Nov 7. Click here to learn more about voting early or by mail.

You can register to vote until the day before the election, Nov 7. Click here for more information on registration and what you’ll need to register to vote.

More voting rules and regulations are available from the Secretary of state’s office – remember your polling place or district may have changed this year!


Read this first. c/i/o = challenger, incumbent, or open seat. Pro-climate is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports climate action and the transition to clean energy. Pro-democracy is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports voting rights, access to voting, opposes gerrymandering, or even just has voter registration tools on their website. NFFM = did they sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge?

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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