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Missouri’s standout legislator is Cori Bush, representing St. Louis and doing her best to push the envelope on how much activism Congress can handle.

Missouri has an interesting issue not often thought of as climate, but highly relevant: local family-owned farms. The Republican-led state legislature has stripped away the right of local control over animal waste coming off farms, effectively favoring large-scale corporate farms and the methane they produce. Candidates talking up local control and family farms might not think of themselves as climate activists but they are fighting for everyone’s right to a habitable planet (not to mention better food).

Follow @piperformissouri, a dirt road Democrat very actively tweeting common sense and democracy.

Voting rules and how to vote:

Absentee voting is allowed from September 27 until October 25, 2022, or at any time when requesting an absentee ballot to return by mail. You must provide a reason for voting absentee or early. Click here to learn more about voting early or by mail. Voter Registration for the general election closed on Oct 12.

More voting rules and regulations are available from the Secretary of state’s office – remember your polling place or district may have changed this year!


Read this first. c/i/o = challenger, incumbent, or open seat. Pro-climate is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports climate action and the transition to clean energy. Pro-democracy is defined inclusively as a candidate who supports voting rights, access to voting, opposes gerrymandering, or even just has voter registration tools on their website. NFFM = did they sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge?

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