U.S. Senate - Iowa

Theresa Greenfield

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Theresa grew up on an Iowa family farm, struggled to put herself through college, worked in urban planning, and now runs a real estate business. She knows the value of hard work. Equally important, she knows how Iowa is being hit hard by climate change. From record floods to record droughts and now a derecho that has wiped out 43 percent of the state’s key soybean and corn crops, Iowa is being ravaged by climate change. Theresa will advocate for clean energy and for infrastructure solutions to the flooding.

Theresa is running against Joni Ernst, a first-term senator hand-picked by the Koch brothers. Tonight Ernst will speak at the Republican National Convention. Ernst is a rubber stamp for the Trump-McConnell agenda. Ernst repeatedly votes against Iowa family farmers. Last fall she refused to link Iowa’s record floods to climate change, acknowledging only, “changing weather patterns.” She thinks the Green New Deal would “kill the economy.” And in a state where rural residents rely on the mail, she won’t even vote to fund the United States Postal Service!

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