Ted Lieu

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Climate Hawks Vote endorses Ted Lieu, the rock star of the #ExxonKnew fight, for reelection.

Ted Lieu is a true-blue climate hawk. The first bill introduced by Ted was the Climate Solutions Act of 2015, bold legislation to cut pollution and build a renewable energy future.

But Ted really hit his stride as the very first member of Congress to demand that the Department of Justice investigate Exxon Mobil for concealing what it knew about global warming back in the 1970s. Since then, he’s led the charge against Exxon – calling for the SEC to investigate, organizing California Democrats, hosting aMerchants of Doubt screening on Capitol Hill.

And he’s not stopping.

Last week was a perfect case in point: Ted began the week by introducing a resolution disapproving of companies that seek to mislead the American public on climate science, and closed the week starring in our Netroots Nation panel on what Exxon Knew.

Ted is equally fierce on other progressive issues. He’s emerged as a leading proponent of civil liberties and critic of the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program, and he’s outspoken denouncing the quackery of “conversion therapy” (claiming to cure homosexuals of their disease — one of the right’s deeply offensive lies, up there with “there is no global warming”). And he stands up for local veterans.

Because of his work, Ted has been profiled in The Hill as a rising star and in Grist as the climate change Congressmember.

Ted represents California’s 33d district – Los Angeles’ Westside and Santa Monica Bay. In office only since 2014, this is his first re-election.

Now, Ted is in a safely Democratic district. Normally, we’d just endorse a climate hawk like him to help spread the word — but he’s directly challenging ExxonMobil, one of the wealthiest, most unscrupulous companies on the planet. We need to stand with him in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

Update: Ted won with 66% of the vote and will return to Congress.

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