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Jess King

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We’re proudly announcing our newest endorsement: Jess King, running in Pennsylvania’s newly created 11th District in south central Pennsylvania (Lancaster, some of York County). Jess is running a populist, progressive, grassroots campaign for all of us—and against the proposed Atlantic Sunrise fracked-gas pipeline. Jess, the only candidate in the race who’s signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, will need grassroots support to win.

Jess is building a genuine grassroots campaign, knocking on doors and getting out and speaking to voters. She’s running on a simple principle: work hard and love your neighbors. She’s been endorsed by the people who’ve seen her in action—like Lancaster Stands Up, the local resistance group that sprang out of the ashes of the 2016 election. And in our survey of in-district Climate Hawks Vote members, an impressive 86 percent voted for her.

Jess is running as an outspoken proponent of progressive values, not waffling or hedging her bets or running toward the mushy middle. That means that she’s spoken out publicly against the Sunrise pipeline. She’ll co-sponsor the Merkley-Sanders 100 x 50 (100 percent renewable energy by 2050) bill. She’s committed to a Department of Justice investigation of Exxon. She’ll fight fossil-fuel subsidies. And it’s all part of her broader values: Medicare for All, debt-free college, and a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Oh, and we’re especially proud of this: Jess’s campaign manager and field director are both young climate activists who attended our April 2017 People’s Climate Candidate Training.

We can show our support for her grassroots campaign with grassroots dollars.

Chip in $16 to help Jess King win Pennsylvania’s 11th.

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