U.S. Senate - South Carolina

Jaime Harrison

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Jaime faced no opposition in the South Carolina primary. He’s got a solid environmental justice and climate platform. He’ll reduce dependency on fossil fuels and oppose offshore drilling, a winning issue along the South Carolina coast. Lindsey Graham has flipped and flopped from being one of Trump’s fiercest critics to one of his fiercest enablers.

It’s easy to write off South Carolina as a deep red state. But a recent poll showed a tied race, 42-42. This is the state where Joe Cunningham flipped a House seat (and stunned those same pundits) by running as a climate hawk opposed to offshore drilling.

South Carolina plays into the national strategy of flipping the Senate with a wave as big as the 2018 House wave. At Climate Hawks Vote, we don’t want to just eke out wins in Arizona, Colorado, and Maine, only to watch Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia defect on a coal bill. We want to win big, and that means helping candidates in places like Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, and Texas.

We want to kick Lindsey Graham out and send Mitch McConnell into the legislative wilderness. Join us in supporting Jaime Harrison today! 

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