Dr. Cameron Webb

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Dr. Webb is a practicing physician who runs the University of Virginia’s Health Policy and Equity program. He both understands environmental racism and the impact it has on Black and brown communities, and he treats patients suffering from fossil fuel pollution in real-time. Because of his practice, and because he sees the public health impacts of the climate crisis, he’s taken stands opposing the fossil fuel projects that would devastate his community, from the compressor station proposed for the Atlantic Coast pipeline in Union Hill to the Green Ridge waste disposal facility in Cumberland. He supports a 100 percent clean and renewable energy standard.

His district in the mountainous center of Virginia is a highly winnable seat -- the respected Cook Political Report just changed it from Lean Republican to Toss-Up. Equally important for climate hawks like you, Dr. Webb would add to our bloc of climate hawks in the House as a strong, science-based advocate for climate action. Dr. Webb decisively won a competitive four-way primary last June.

Help us send this doctor to the House.

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