Dan McCready

Looking for a fighter who can beat a Republican in a traditionally red district without sacrificing climate hawk values? Meet Dan McCready.

Dan is a Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq war. After Dan’s Marine service, he began a solar business: he helped build dozens of solar farms throughout rural North Carolina and put hundreds of North Carolinians to work. Dan played a key role in his state becoming a national leader for solar energy capacity, and today North Carolina supports over 30,000 clean energy jobs. 

North Carolina’s Ninth District, including both eastern Charlotte suburbs and rural areas along the South Carolina border, is the kind of Republican-leaning district that Democrats need to win if they are to flip the House this November. Dan is drawing comparisons to Conor Lamb: he’s smart, a veteran, and a good fit for the district. The district was considered “solid Republican” before Dan got in, but Dan is such a strong candidate that it’s now rated a toss-up by the pundits.

Now it’s time to send Dan to Congress where he can use his skills as a fighter and a solar entrepreneur.

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