Beto O’Rourke

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Beto has earned our respect with a high-energy, upbeat, people-powered campaign. He's out-hustling and out-fundraising Ted Cruz and inspiring Texas Democrats up and down the ballot, all without taking a dime from corporate PACs -- especially fossil fuel corporate PACs.

At Climate Hawks Vote, we pride ourselves on winning most of our races, because you don’t build political power for the climate movement by losing hopeless, longshot races. Early on, most pundits didn’t give Beto a chance. He’s running against Ted Cruz?!? In deep-red Texas?!? But Beto has earned respect with a high-energy, upbeat, people-powered campaign, the latest polls show a very competitive race, and clearly Ted Cruz himself sounds nervous when he says that “Democrats will crawl over broken glass to vote this November.” We wouldn’t issue this endorsement if we didn’t think Beto has a real chance to beat Ted Cruz.

And we’re picky about who we endorse — we don’t endorse unless we’re satisfied that the candidate is a climate hawk. (We won’t pretend to you that any pro-coal opponent of the Clean Power Plan deserves support from the climate hawk community.)

Beto has been an outspoken advocate for wind and solar — two abundant resources in Texas. And, consistent with his vow not to take corporate PAC money, he’s signed the pledge not to take fossil fuel PAC money

One last point — Ted Cruz is the dictionary definition of a fossil fueled politician. In the Senate, he writes bills called the “American Energy Renaissance Act” (S. 791, 115th Congress; S. 2170, 114th Congress) that really should be called “Drill Baby Drill Act.” He’s trying to undermine the Endangered Species Act for the benefit of his donors (S. 2778, 115th Congress). And what donors they are — $2.7 million from the oil and gas industry over a five-year career. Cruz is simply a mouthpiece for the oil industry, pushing their agenda in the Senate.

Let’s show that people power can beat oil money.

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