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We Are Climate Hawks

We Are Climate Hawks

We’re seeking to elect leaders willing to take on the greatest challenge facing the next few generations of humanity. Too many Democratic politicians consider climate to be just another issue bubbling below the surface of top priorities, and too many advocates are willing to excuse Democratic politicians who tout their states’ coal and oil resources. We need aggressive, progressive champions of climate justice—climate hawks.

The Republican Party is so deeply entrenched in denying the existence of climate change and protecting the fossil-fuel industry that if a Republican climate hawk were to emerge, we would look hard at a Republican’s willingness to buck leadership as well as the Republican’s position on climate.

We work to engage and educate voters, advocate on climate change in general election contests, and back climate hawks in Democratic primaries. We engage and train younger climate hawks interested in running for office. And we work on campaigns to mobilize the American people and our elected officials to act aggressively to end greenhouse pollution and build a renewably powered, just society that is resilient to the threats of a changing climate.

Climate Hawks Vote does not accept contributions from fossil-fuel lobbyists, executives, or corporations. The average contribution to the Climate Hawks Vote Political Action Super PAC is $24.


RL Miller is the President of Climate Hawks Vote Political Action, the Climate Hawks Vote Super PAC. RL is the elected chair of California Democratic Party’s environmental caucus. RL is an active climate blogger and organizer. Past work has included exposing the politics of climate denial and opposing fracking for oil in California, as well as advocacy and organizing on behalf of clean-economy legislation. RL earned high honors in political science at UCSD for writing a thesis on coal exports, and a law degree from UC Davis.

Brad Johnson is the Executive Director of Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action, the c(4) arm of Climate Hawks Vote. In recent years, he was the campaign manager of Forecast the Facts, where he launched the Don’t Fund Evil and Climate Silence campaigns, which convinced dozens of companies to stop funding the Heartland Institute and compelled the 2012 presidential candidates to engage on climate, respectively. He previously served as the editor of ThinkProgress Green. He has a master’s degree in geosciences from MIT and majored in physics and mathematics at Amherst College.

Senior Strategist Hunter Cutting is a veteran political director and writer who has written extensively on climate change, social justice, media, and communications; much of his current work is featured on the Huffington Post. He has served as legislative aide in the House of Representatives and has directed electoral campaigns in swing districts such as Peoria, Illinois and Riverside, California. Hunter earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Resource Studies from UC Berkeley.

Board of Directors:

  • Richard Graves, Clean Choice Energy
  • Beka Economopoulos, NotAnAlternative, The Natural History Museum
  • Bill McKibben, 350.org
  • Lydia Avila, Energy Action Coalition
  • Cathy Albisa, National Economic & Social Rights Initiative
  • Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison and author of Creating Climate Wealth
  • Mustafa Santiago Ali, Senior Vice President, Hip Hop Caucus

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Contact Us: info@climatehawksvote.com

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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