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We Are Climate Hawks

We Are Climate Hawks

We believe climate change is a fundamental threat to the lives and livelihood of every human and future generations here in the United States and across the globe.

We believe that bold action by public officials — at all levels of government — are essential to addressing the threat posed by climate change.  Too many Democratic politicians consider climate to be just another issue bubbling below the surface of top priorities, and too many advocates are willing to excuse Democratic politicians who tout their states’ coal and oil resources. We need aggressive, progressive champions of climate justice—climate hawks.

Our Vision:  Our nation, state, and local governments put in place bold, progressive actions to combat climate change, led by a diverse legion of individual climate hawk leaders who share our beliefs.

Our Mission:  To identify, train, and elect individual climate hawk leaders, while generating a political environment in which those leaders have the power to advance policies needed to address climate change.

Climate Hawks Vote does not accept contributions from fossil-fuel lobbyists, executives, or corporations. The average contribution to the Climate Hawks Vote Political Action Super PAC is $24.


RL Miller is the Political Director of Climate Hawks Vote and President of Climate Hawks Vote Political Action.  RL is the elected chair of California Democratic Party’s environmental caucus and tweets way too much as @RL_Miller.  Past work has included exposing the politics of climate denial, opposing fracking for oil in California, and training others to advocate for legislation. RL earned high honors in political science at UCSD for writing a thesis on coal exports, and a law degree from UC Davis. Outside interests include keeping chickens and sleeping.

Jay Carmona is the Digital Director of Climate Hawks Vote. Jay has been an organizer, strategist, and campaigner since 2008 and has worked on Fossil Fuel Divestment, served as Interim Executive Director of Power Shift Network, and also works with consulting clients. Jay likes science fiction, dogs, and archery.

Board of Directors:

  • Richard Graves, Clean Choice Energy
  • Bill McKibben, 350.org
  • Lydia Avila, Power Shift Network
  • Phil Radford, President, Progressive Power Lab
  • Anya Schoolman, Executive Director, Solar United Neighbors
  • Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison and author of Creating Climate Wealth
  • Mustafa Santiago Ali, Senior Vice President, Hip Hop Caucus
  • Marion Edey, Founder of national League of Conservation Voters

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Contact Us: info@climatehawksvote.com

Paid for in part by Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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